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Established in late 2014, TakoPost is a blog covering news in technology plus culinary, money, life and bargains – Oh we love bargains!

Our goal is to inform and educate our readers (mainly family and friends) in all things related to technology that could assist in their daily lives. There are also guides and tips on how to do things better with new and old technology. If there are things that we could help or change/disrupt that will make peoples’ lives better, we will share it here.

We also have a love affair with food, travelling and photography. From time to time we will share with you our experiences that we have encountered throughout our adventures.

We will try not to be bias with our posts and we will inform you if we are affiliated to anything that we post. There will be advertisements (from Google Adsense) on our blog to help (hopefully) cover the server cost and other expenses along the way.

If you like what we are doing and feeling generous 🙂 please feel free to donate so we are able to bring more informative content to this blog (Donation button via PayPal at the bottom of this page).

So why the name TakoPost? We just wanted a random, fun name. “Tako” means octopus in Japanese and “Post” is post – posting the news. You can think of this site as an octopus that spreads its tentacles all over the internet and only looking for best and relevant news to post here. This is the best explanation we could think of :).

From TakoPost team,

  • Oscar (CEO, CFO, CTO, Publisher, Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, QA)
  • Yen (Publisher, QA, Enquires and everything Oscar doesn’t like to do)
  • Ninja X and Ninja Y.

Thank you for your kind generosity. God bless you!