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b-mobile no longer selling 14 days Visitor SIM

b-mobile VISITOR SIM 14 days UNLIMITED is no longer on sale. For those who are currently using this SIM card can be used until the expiration date.

The new plan would be great for those who are staying more than 2 weeks in Japan. I prefer the old plan ’cause most of the time I only stay around 14 days in Japan. And it was unlimited data. The new product is called VISITOR SIM 5GB 21days.

iOS devices – Tip. MUST READ!

In order to get the sim working, you will need INTERNET access. You will need to connect to the WiFi and download the APN profile to your iPhone or iPad. Android phones can manually create the APN profile. There is no option for iOS users unless your phone is jailbroken.

Here is the official APN Profile link from b-mobile Maybe try downloading and installing this profile before you fly off to Japan?

Hopefully adding and editing APN profile function will be enabled in iOS 11.

[ b-mobile Visitor SIM 5GB 21 days ]

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