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Change status bar color in Swift

If your app has a dark background you might want to display the status bar (time, battery , carrier name and signal strengths) in a light/white colour so that users can still able to see it. Add the following code to your ViewController class to change your status bar colour from black to white: override func […]

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Undo Send for Gmail on the web

Google has finally made available an Undo Send feature to be used on Gmail. Well this feature has been available in Gmail for a long time but users had to install it through Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for prime time. Please note that features in Gmail Labs may […]

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Photoshop and Lightroom keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

I use a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom and yet I still have not mastered the shortcut keys yet. But this Photoshop and Lightroom keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet from will be plastered all over my walls 🙂 Thanks Set Up A Blog Today! There are also cheat sheets for: Adobe Fireworks Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects […]

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