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PlayStation Service Indicator

PlayStation Service Status indicator

Unable to log into your Sony PSN account? Here is the official link to the PlayStation Service Status indicator page. It will show you if you can go online, create an account and if PlayStation Store is up to purchase/download games etc. And don’t forget to follow PlayStation’s Twitter account. There are lots of tips posted. E.g. How to set […]

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Destiny Update

Destiny – Patch 1.1.1 is live

Destiny Update 1.1.1 brings you a round of weapon balancing, perk fixes (including the heavy ammo fix) and other issues. Weapons For a detailed review of weapon changes, head over to Destiny Weapon Tuning. General Fixed an issue in which armor with perks that increase ammunition carrying capacity resulted in ammunition loss upon respawn Decreased […]

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Destiny – Terrestrial Complex in Cosmodrome

This is the Eyes of Crota mission – Steal the Servant’s treasure and lure out his masters. The Terrestrial Complex is quite far from The Steppe. It’s best that you complete the Lunar Complex mission and continue on to this mission. Check out the YouTube clip below.

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