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Should You Warm Up Your Car Before Driving?

The answer is NO but you should drive lightly.  Here is what experts have to say: Cars with electronic fuel injection do not need to be warmed up before lightly driving off. This is because fuel injected engines can compensate for temperature changes. Cold engines run rich to compensate for poor fuel atomization. This means […]

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The Moon_Represents My Heart

OMG Jon Bon Jovi sings “The Moon Represents My Heart” <<月亮代表我的心>> better than me!

This song was originally sung by Chen Fen-lan in 1972 but was made famous by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. Jon Bon Jovi will be touring in Beijing for the first time and this song was a “special gift” to his Chinese fans on Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival, 20 August 2015). I am impressed with his version of this song and […]

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Black Wednesday – September 16, 1992

George Soros famously made 1 billion pound on that day. Could this be happening again with the recent “Grexit” saga? Will the Euro holds? And there was speculation that British Prime Minister David Cameron will be holding a referendum next June on whether Britain should leave the European Union. Could there be another Black Wednesday and […]

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