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Clash Royale – Is it worth spending 10k for an Epic Chest? [ Updated 09-10-2016 ]

Latest Clash Royale updates have added better features, new troops, a Tournament mode and more. Read more from There are two new chests and shops offer. One of them is an Epic Chest.


Epic Chest:

  • It contains only Epics. If you buy an Epic chest in Arena 7, it contains only Epics from Arena 7 and below.
  • It costs Gold to buy the Epic Chest.
  • Drop rates are higher than the Legendary Chest.

The question I have been asking myself, is it worth spending 10k for an Epic Chest?

From the clip above, my answer is no. Because I don’t use any of those Epic cards 🙁 It’s too random. Maybe it will be useful in the future. But for now it’s better off to save the $$$ for upgrades unless you have nothing else to upgrade 🙂

UPDATES: 09-10-2016

Yes it’s totally worth purchasing the 10k Epic Chest. After purchasing the Epic Chest, I was given a Legendary Chest (my first Legendary Chest!) and an Epic Chest. Few days later I was given a Magical Chest and Giant Chest. Let me know in the comments below if this happened to you after purchasing an Epic Chest.


Check out my Legendary + Epic + Magical + Giant Chest opening.

Another account has a similar outcome after purchasing a 10k Epic Chest


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