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Google made 2-Step authentication easier to use

Google has added a feature to make 2-Step verification easier. Instead entering a verification code, you can get approved by a prompt on your phone.

To enable this option, go to My Account, section “Sign-in & Security” and choose “Signing in to Google” followed by “2-Step Verification.” There, choose “Google Prompt” as the default option, and activate a device you will use for this purpose.

iPhone users will need the Google app installed on their phone to use Google prompt.


Once you have set up this new feature and when you log in to your Google account, you will get a notification/alert on your phone.


And you will get a prompt from Google App for authentication.


No more entering security code! Woohoo! 🙂


  • Currently, you can’t have Security Keys and Google prompt enabled at the same time.
  • A data connection is required to use Google prompt.
  • Android users will need updated Google Play Services to use Google prompt.

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