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How to configure TP-Link Archer D2, D5, D7, D9, D20 to work with TPG IPTV

NOTE: The TPG IPTV service is currently only available to customers using ADSL2+ at TPG IPTV enabled exchanges.  The computer which you wish to watch IPTV from must be connected by wired (ethernet) connection. My current firmware Version:0.9.1 1.1 v002d.0 Build 150824 Rel.40904n.

Configurations for IPTV:

1. Open your browser and enter in your address bar, then press ‘EnterEnter the username and password of your modem. By default it will be Username: ‘admin and Password: ‘admin or if you have changed this, please enter your password.


2. Click on the ‘Advanced‘ tab bar


3. From the left hand menu, click on ‘Network


4. Click on ‘Internet‘ and ‘Add‘ (see screen shot below).


5. Enter ‘0‘ in VPI and ‘35‘ in VCI. Then click on the drop down button and select ‘Bridge‘.


Click ‘OK‘ to save the configuration and you should see the new bridge interface that you have just created.


All you have to do is reboot your modem and after the reboot, TPG IPTV should work. Check out my how-to guide on watching TPG IPTV on your VLC media player.

[ TP-Link D7 ]

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