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How To Check iPhone Battery Charge Cycle Count [No Jailbreak Required]

Did you ever worry about your battery heath and your device status or even phone CHARGER information?
Battery Percentage – Your Device Doctor is your real device doctor with its unique techniques to determine your battery, charger and any other functions. Therefore, you will always know clearly about your battery, charger and device status.

Battery Life is unique application on AppStore to measure battery wear level and phone charger, display Device Information (General, CPU, GPU, MEMORY, STORAGE, NETWORK), test anything in your device (Screen Dead Pixel, Camera, Speaker, Microphone, Headphone…) According to these information, you will always know when your battery or charger must be replaced and your device’s health.

This app is useful for checking battery charge cycle count without jailbreaking your phone. You may want to grab it as soon as possible, though, given the kind of low-level hardware details the app provides, Apple may pull it from the App Store soon. (And it’s free!)

[ Download Battery Percentage from App Store ]

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