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Midwinter Ball – Dinner with Liberal MP MALCOLM TURNBULL ~ Charity Auction

Do you have a spare AUD$8,200? Here is a chance for you to tell Malcolm Turnbull during dinner how Australia will have the slowest broadband when built. If he doesn’t believe you, tell him to visit Japan for a week and try out their broadband.

There is a charity event by Mid Winter Ball where you can bid to have dinner with your Minster of Communications.  Current bid is at $8,100. I reckon AUD$8,200-AUD$9,000 will do the job. If you do bid and win, I will sponsor you AUD$10 and please let him know my thoughts about our National Broadband Network (NBN).. One word. SLOW! 🙂

ebay Malcolm Turnbull

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UPDATES – 28 July 2015

The winning bid was AU $8,700.00.

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