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Missing Recycle Bin after Windows 10 upgrade?

After upgrading to Windows 10, I can no longer locate the Recycle Bin on my desktop or from Windows Explorer. I looked everywhere but no luck until I came across it under Personalisation -> Themes -> Desktop icon settings.

Here are the steps to recover the missing Recycle Bin icon:

1. Search and launch “Setting” from the task bar. Click on “Personalisation”.

Recover Recycle Bin for Windows 10


2. Click on “Themes”.

Recover Recycle Bin for Windows 10

3. Click on “Desktop icon settings”.

Recover Recycle Bin for Windows 10


4. From the Desktop Icon Settings screen, the Recycle Bin is currently checked under Desktop icons tab. Uncheck the Recycle Bin and click “Apply”. Then re-check the Recycle Bin and click on “Apply” again. Now the Recycle Bin icon should appear on your desktop and in your Windows Explorer.

Recover Recycle Bin for Windows 10

If you can’t follow the instructions above 🙂 , here is a quick video on how to recover your missing Recycle Bin after Windows 10 upgrade.

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