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NBA Finals starts tomorrow! Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors

Or should I call it Cleveland’s Lebron James Vs Golden State’s Stephen Curry. Two of the current best NBA players going head to head for the ultimate NBA championship ring. This will be James’ fifth consecutive NBA finals; with three wins. Stephen Curry, this season’s MVP will be his first time in the NBA Finals. Both players have their own uniqueness. Lebron, the drive-in hard to the hoop guy and Curry who is more entertaining to watch with his amazing ball skills. Both will do their jobs – that is scoring for their team and win ball games! If you are not familiar with both players please take a few minutes to watch their Top 10 plays of 2014-2015.  You won’t be disappointed!

There are also two other players worth mentioning and they are Cleveland’s Matthew Dellavedova and Golden State’s Andrew Bogut. Yes, they are both Aussies (Australian). Last year, two Aussies, Patty Mills and Aron Baynes, played a key role and helped San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA title. This year we have another two Aussies, but they will be playing against each other. It’s great to see the Aussies doing well in the NBA league. Best wishes to both guys. There can only be one winner, however they are already winners in our eyes!

Where to watch live NBA finals in Australia? I believe it’s either on Foxtel or Foxtel for Australia 😉 Or like me, you can subscribe to NBA League Pass for a cheaper alternative. Game 1 stars at 9pm ET == 11pm AEST

Watch The Finals Preview clip at

Since I have been having way too much curry of late, I guess I will be cheering on for Cleveland! 😉

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