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  • DMZ day trip tour
    [South Korea] DMZ day trip tour review. (2 parts)

Apple's two-step verification

You can now set up the two-step authentication for iMessage and FaceTime

Apple has just added the two-step authentication for both iMessage and FaceTime. I highly recommend that you activate this feature, unless your password is this long ‘mumcooksBESTcurryin2015@home’  🙂 Click on the link below for more information on how to set it up. Related Post Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 Microsoft releases additional updates to protect […]

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Slow Shuttter!

Free App – Slow Shutter!

Looking for a good night shot camera? Slow Shutter! app is free* for a limited time – exclusively for Apple Store app user. You must have Apple Store app installed on your device in order to download the app. Here are the steps: Step 1: Grab the Apple Store app from the App Store. Step 2: Once […]

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Hydra Amazing Photography app

Hydra – Amazing Photography app

Love taking photos and not having to brighten it after? Want to be able to capture the beautiful colours as your see it with your own eyes? Then you must check out the Hydra App. Hydra uses the HDR technique, which means that it will take multiple images from bright to dark and then merge […]

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Destiny – Terrestrial Complex in Cosmodrome

This is the Eyes of Crota mission – Steal the Servant’s treasure and lure out his masters. The Terrestrial Complex is quite far from The Steppe. It’s best that you complete the Lunar Complex mission and continue on to this mission. Check out the YouTube clip below. Related Post Destiny, next chapter is The Taken King, […]

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Destiny – How to get to Refinery in Cosmodrome

How to get to Refinery in Cosmodrome from The Divide. Heart of Crota mission – Patrol the Refinery in Cosmodrome. Defeat the Servant of the Heart to lure out its master. Related Post Destiny, next chapter is The Taken King, will be o… PlayStation Service Status indicator Destiny – Patch 1.1.1 is live Uncharted: The […]

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Destiny – Lunar Complex in Cosmodrome

This is a Hand of Crota mission – Eyes of Crota Servants Treasure. How to get from The Steppes to Lunar Complex in Cosmodrome. The Lunar Complex is a location in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia. It is a large structure set above the Mothyards. Check out the YouTube guide below. Related Post Destiny – Check […]

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