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Pokemon Go: The best and fastest way to level up

How to – The best and fastest way to level up:

Step 1: Collect as many low-level Pokémons as possible. This includes Pokémons like Weedle, Carterpie and Pidgey. These Pokémons will appear quite often.  Once you capture them, transfer them for candy.

Weedle Caterpie Pidgey

Step 2: Obtain a Lucky Egg – check you Items inventory as you should have 3 to start of with. Lucky Eggs will double your received XP for a period of 30 minutes. Any XP that you receive when one is active, such as 50 XP for visiting a PokéStop, or 500 XP for evolving a Pokémon, will be doubled when a Lucky Egg is active.

          Weedle_Evolve_To_Kakuna          Caterpie_Evolve_To_Metapod

Step 3: With the Lucky Egg active, a large collection of low-level Pokémons and relevant Candy in tow, evolve as many of those Pokémons as possible. To do this, go to your captured Pokémon and select Pidgey or other Pokémons that you have collected then tap the Evolve button.

Each evolved Pokémon is worth 500 XP. With the Lucky Egg active, it will double to 1000 XP. Each evolve process from start to finish should take roughly 30 seconds, meaning that you could evolve 60 Pokémon in 30 minutes – only if you have enough to evolve. This should equate to approximately 60,000 XP in one 30 minute period.

PidgeyCalc is a calculator for maximising your Lucky Egg XP gains in Pokémon Go. Lucky Eggs are scarce so it’s best if you maximise your XP gains during the 30 minutes that it’s active. The best way to do this is to save up all your low-cost Pokémon and evolve them all at once. Pidgey Calc accurately determines if it’s worthwhile for you to use your Lucky Egg!

BONUS: Evolution costs

The first evolution of a Pokémon that has 2 evolutions costs 25 candy, and the second evolution costs 100 candy, though there are 3 exceptions; Weedle, Caterpie, and Pidgey which cost 12 and 50 candy for first and second evolutions respectively.

For Pokémon with only one evolution, the cost to evolve is 50 candy, except for Magikarp who costs 400 candy to evolve, and Eevee and Rattata who cost 25 to evolve.

Pokemon GO evolution calculator is a great tool to check how high your Pokemon could evolve to.

A few final tips here. You can assure that an Eevee will evolve into a Vaporeon (Water-Type) by naming it Rainer, and if you want a Flareon (Fire-Type), name it Pyro. For Jolteon (Electric-Type) name it Sparky.

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