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Star Wars: Battlefront Standard Edition Pre-Order PS4 Cheapest

I have been doing some research and the cheapest local shop to pre-order the game is at JB Hi-Fi for $79. If you are happy to wait for the game to be posted to you, Mighty Ape is selling it for $69.99 + $4.95 postage. Please let me know if you can get it cheapest else where. Thx! [Updates 04-02-2016. New sales on PS Store.]

JB HiFi Star Wars Battlefront Pre-Order

JB Hi-Fi $79 | PlayStation Store AU $99.95 | Dicksmith $89 | Oz Game Shop $77.99 | Gamesmen $78 + $3.95 postage | Harvey Norman $88 | Mighty Ape $69.99 + $4.95 postage | EB Games $99.95 (Price last updated 12 Oct 2015)

UPDATES 29-19-2015 – Cheapest price (for now)

JB Hi-Fi has reduced Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 price to $68. Delivery only, no pick up. But delivery only cost $0.99. Total cost will be $68.99. Not sure how long this offer will last. Pre-order yours now! BUT WAIT… Should you get it? You might be a little disappointed, see review below.JB_HiFi_Star_Wars_Battlefront_PS4

[Star Wars: Battlefront at JB Hi-Fi]

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Ultimate Edition $185.90 on PlayStation Store

EA has released a bundle edition called Ultimate Edition. It’s Deluxe Edition plus Season Pass in one bundle. Currently there are no price for Season Pass in Australia. Deluxe Edition cost $109.95 on PlayStation Store and I am guessing the Season Pass alone would cost more then $70? This game is getting more expensive to play 🙁


There are currently no informations on the Season Pass except you will be getting “four expansion packs coming at a later date, filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy for, far away.”

[Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – PlayStation Store Au]

UPDATES 14-11-2015

As I expected of this game – “Thrills initially, but soon reveals itself to be rather limited“.

Star Wars Battlefront, then, is one of the best experiences of the year, if only for a short while. Completionists may stay with it to unlock figures for the in-game diorama which shows how many challenges you’ve completed, but others will find their interest has waned long before that. Too limited in its maps and modes to keep people hooked, it will nevertheless provide enough fun to jump onto once in a while, hear that famous score and maybe take down an AT-AT. Those who wanted a Battlefront III, however, will have to wait a little while longer.

I might hold off my pre-order 🙁

Read the full review at

UPDATES 16-11-2015

We have a new cheapest price from Big W. It’s advertise on their website for $63. Available in store only. Release 19/11.


[ Big W – Star Wars: Battlefront ]

UPDATES 22-11-2015

Target has reduced Star Wars Battlefront price to $64. Just $1 more than Big W.


[ Target – Star Wars: Battlefront ]

UPDATES 17-12-2015

Price drop at PlayStation Store. New price for Star Wars Battlefront PS4 is AUD$66.97, Star Wars Battlefront Delux Edition is AUD$75.68 and Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is AUD$139.43. Still a tad expensive for me. I will get it when it’s around AUD$30 🙂


UPDATES 06-01-2016

PlayStation Store is having a January Sale.  Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 is selling for $47.95.


[ PlayStation Store – Star Wars: Battlefront ]

UPDATES 04-02-2016

Current PlayStation Store sales is not as good as January sales.  Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 is selling for $49.97.


[PlayStation Store – Star Wars: Battlefront ]