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Fuel Price Cycles – Sydney

The guide to the current fuel price cycle

Since there is no more cheap fuel Tuesday, it was very hard to determine what is the lowest day to put fuel in. Therefore, we decided to monitor the fuel cycle and share it to the public. This guide only covers the current Sydney fuel price cycles.

It is very hard to capture the cheapest fuel prices since each petrol station or suburb have different prices at different times. Therefore, it is important to know what cycle we are in. From that we can judge whether we should fill up our tanks or should we wait for another few days. Putting fuel during a high cycle could cost you an extra $20-$60 per week, this depends on which type or amount of fuel you put in.

We hope this fuel cycle data will help you save some money. Please share it with your family and friends. Happy fuel saving!

The fuel data is collected manually (by TakoPost’s family and friends) and will be updated at least once a day. Fuel prices can change at any time and at any day so we will try our best to update it as quickly as possible. There is a plan in place to create an app so notifications can be sent to users via their mobile phones. You can download an iOS version on AppStore – Android users, please bookmark this page on your computer or mobile phone. If you have a 4″ screen phone please use this page and if you have a 5″ screen phone please use this page.

This is just an indication of the cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol.

We found that the fuel price cycle runs between 10 to 15 10 to 50 days. (Updated)

Recommended to fill up during LOW cycle, avoid during HIGH cycle.

Download Petrol Price Cycle app for free on App Store! No registration, email or mobile number required. Get alerted when price hike detected.

Download Petrol Price Cycle app for free on App Store! No registration, email or mobile number required. Get alerted when price hike detected.

Fuel price cycles chart

E98 – Orange  | E95 – Red | E10 – Blue

Download Petrol Price Cycle app for free on App Store! No registration, email or mobile number required. Get alerted when price hike detected.

UPDATES 07-11-2017: Petrol price apps can save millions for motorists

Analysis by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) found that if Sydney motorists bought their fuel on the cheapest day in the weekly price cycle, the savings would have amounted to an average of 2.6 cents for each and every litre of E10.

“Motorists who fill up weekly can make substantial savings by avoiding the six most expensive days in the price cycle,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“Motorists that can fill up less frequently, however, and therefore buy petrol when prices are falling can save much more.”

However, substantially greater savings can be achieved by taking advantage of petrol price apps and websites, he said.

“Our advice for those looking to save even more, say 15-20 cents per litre, or $9-12 a tank, is to time your purchases by using the price cycle advice on the ACCC website, then use fuel price transparency apps or websites to find the most competitive fuel price near you,” said Mr Sims.

“There can be significant price differences between sites at different points in the price cycle, so motorists that shop around can save themselves a lot of money.”

Such savings could amount to millions of dollars back in the pockets of consumers and businesses.


UPDATES 08-05-2017: Last petrol price cycle was indeed a weird one.

When it comes to the great petrol lottery, the price we pay can feel so random it’s almost feels like the numbers we see at the bowser must be drawn from a hat.

While the oil giants claim that there’s method to the madness of why petrol prices go up and down like a roller coaster, others are more keen to cast doubt on the process, with the NRMA today slamming the major oil companies, claiming they’ve put Sydney families through the ringer once again.

The peak motoring body is calling out the oil barons, accusing them of forcing a false petrol price cycle on motorists, with pump prices falling five cents less than expected.

The average price in Sydney is currently $1.29 cents per litre, which was expected to drop to $1.16 last week but fell five cents short… before spiking again to the current average price of $1.29.

This would mean that Sydney motorists have missed the low-point of the cycle, robbing them of the chance to save much-needed cash, and boosting the bottom line for oil companies.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said it’s not the first time prices were higher than they should, and failing to fall as low as they should.

“We saw this behaviour at Christmas when the low-point of the cycle never happened and yet again, it was the major oil companies leading the false spike.

“We knew weeks ago prices should have been around $1.16 cents per litre at this stage of the petrol cycle,” Mr Khoury said.


UPDATES 30-04-2017: Don’t forget to use FuelCheck website to check for the lowest petrol price at your current location.

FuelCheck provides real-time information about fuel prices at service stations across NSW and is accessible on any device connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, desk top computers and laptops.

FuelCheck uses information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks to determine your approximate location. To find your nearest service station, or your current distance from a particular service station, you must enable Location Services on your device/browser and give FuelCheck permission to use your location data.

You will need to be connected to the internet to see the most up-to-date FuelCheck pricing information.

The NSW Fair Trading website contains more detailed information on FuelCheck, including the price reporting obligations that must be met by service station operators.

FuelCheck link:

UPDATES 4-01-2017: Tasmania state govt spending $60k to promote GAS BUDDY App?

THE State Government is providing $60,000 to help RACT promote a petrol price app in a bid to reduce the cost of filling up.

RACT will enlist its members and staff to provide bowser price data to crowdsourcing app GasBuddy.

“Tasmanian motorists will easily be able to find timely and accurate fuel prices in their area, and also submit fuel price updates themselves,” Minister for State Growth Matthew Groom said.

A new code of practice will also mean only non-discounted petrol prices are displayed by service stations, Mr Groom said.


I can build it for less than $60k. Contact me TAS Govt!

UPDATES 18-01-2017: Petrol prices hit an 18-month high

Petrol is at its most expensive in 18 months, with the average price of unleaded up 6 cents across Australia to 134.3 cents in just a week.

It’s the single biggest increase in two years, according to Australian Institute of Petroleum’s latest weekly report.

Petrol prices went up by 9.1 cents in NSW, 4.7 cents in Victoria, and 12.5 cent in Tasmania.

Canberra was the worst-hit capital city, with the average unleaded petrol prices going up by 14.1 cents, compared with 13.5 cents in Hobart, 11.3 cents in Adelaide, and 8.1 cents in Sydney.

It comes after the ACCC — which has called fuel retailers’ profit margins “unreasonable high”— warned of the impending spike, advising drivers to fill up earlier this month.


UPDATES 01-07-2016: Get Petrol Price Cycles on App Store – It’s Free!

This app will keep track of Sydney’s petrol price cycle.

You can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by keeping track where you are in the petrol price cycle and take advantage of when it is the best time to buy petrol.

By understanding the price cycle, this will help you to time your purchases and benefit from the cheapest buys.

Download Petrol Price Cycles on AppStore.

UPDATES 09-03-2016: 7-Eleven Fuel app is available

Looks good. Download from

UPDATES 07-03-2016: Gasbuddy bringing crowdsourced cheap fuel app to Australia

From today, Australian motorists will for the first time have access to a smartphone app that lets them use crowdsourcing to hunt down cheap fuel.

GasBuddy, a smartphone app that has been downloaded 56 million times in North America, today officially launched in Australia — the first time the app has been made available outside the US and Canada.

The app, available on Android and iOS,  lets motorists report fuel prices to each other in real-time with the help of location information and a software algorithm designed to ensure information fed into the system is accurate.

Souce from

Don’t worry… If you dont like the GasBuddy, my app will be launching, soon (I hope). Trying to figure out how to draw charts on iOS :S

UPDATES 15-02-2016

PETROL prices are on the slide, but haven’t fallen as much as the competition watchdog expected.

THE Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says that while average prices at the pump fell 8.8 cents to 124.4 cents a litre during the three months to December 31, they weren’t as low as expected given that crude oil prices dropped to an 11-year low –

UPDATES 23-12-2015

Great news for motorists. ACCC will be showing almost real-time petrol price on their website next year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has reached agreement with petrol price information service Informed Sources and four major petrol retailers to make almost real-time data available to motorists.

Currently, the retailers have exclusive access to information about petrol price moves within 15-30 minutes of when they occur through Informed Sources.

Under the deal, Informed Sources will make the same information available to consumers for free and to third parties on commercial terms.

Source from

UPDATES 06-08-2015

Why we could see lower fuel price in the coming months. Check out the following crude supplies chart.

Bloomberg Crude Supplies

Courtesy of Bloomberg Live

Way over supply! World crude price should remain low for the next few months.

Other sites to help you monitor the fuel price cycles