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Battery Charging

You’ve been charging your smartphone wrong

This article was written by ANTONIO VILLAS-BOAS Yes, we know. Our smartphone batteries are bad because they barely last a day. But it’s partially our fault because we’ve been charging them wrong this whole time. Many of us have an ingrained notion that charging our smartphones in small bursts will cause long-term damage to their […]

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TPG mobile on Vodafone 4G network speed test

Should you switch to TPG mobile using Vodafone network? So far I am quite happy with the coverage and speed. It’s definitely better than what I expected. And (I guess) TPG is rewarding their long time customers by offering a better plan. For $16.99 you will get $550 credits that you can use for Standard […]

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Globalgig Logo

Globalgig – iOS APN Settings

Go to If you are travelling oversea select Worldwide iOS Auto Configuration. If you are using it in Australia, select the Australia Only iOS Auto Configuration. (I am not sure why Australia’s setting is under Globalgig’s .UK site. This information wasn’t avaliable in Globalgig’s .AU site at the time I was searching.) For those having trouble changing […]

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