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The cheapest and most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone7

How do the cost of electronics stack up with others around the world?

From Linio Technology Price Index for 2016:

For 71 countries, we researched average prices of fourteen different popular devices, both iOS and Windows powered. Our list was then ranked by the sum of the total tech price for each country. Doing so, we quickly realised the huge influence of tariffs, taxes, and inflation on price.

The cheapest countries for buying tech were those in the Middle East that, despite relatively high costs of living, levy low VAT (TAX) on consumer products. On the other end of the scale, the most expensive countries for electronics were those like Belarus and Venezuela, where inflation and import restrictions have taken a huge toll on consumer access to the market.

Top 3 cheapest:

iPhone7: Angola $401.94, Japan $413.658, China $470.74
PS4: Hungary $246.89, Ukraine $254.18, Canada $274.25
Apple Watch: Russia $182.00, UK $234.56, Kuwait $242.90

Top 3 most expensive:

iPhone7: Venezuela $97.813.82, Singapore $969.04, Dominican Republic $965.62
PS4: Venezuela $56.723.53, Angola $868.75, Thailand $716.70
Apple Watch: Venezuela $48.810.16, Philippines $801.16, Brunei $679.29


We now know which country (Venezuela ) not to buy from. See the whole list at Linio Technology website, click on the link below.

[ Linio Technology Price Index ]

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