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Top ten reasons why doubting Brits (or you) walked down the aisle

1. Just hope that it will work outFlickr Jeff Belmonte Ring

2. Felt it was too late to pull out

3. Thought that the doubts were just nerves or jitters

4. Felt too guilty to stop the wedding

5. Felt pressure from family

6. Thought my spouse would change once we were married

7. Too embarrassed to end the engagement

8. Didn’t want to split up

9. Spent too much money on the wedding

10. We have children and I felt we should get married

I ain’t no marriage expert but I do agree with the points above. If in doubt, go with what your heart says. Seek as many advices from friends and family as you can. But in the end you have the last call. Don’t be afraid to make a good or bad decision. You only live once 🙂


Image by Jeff Belmonte, Cuiaba – Brazil.

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