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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11 Update: Bite Sized Guide

Biggest update since Clan Wars, Town Hall 11 will prove to be really, really, humongously epic sized. Here’s a broad list of new features, additions and upgrades:

  1. New Hero for TH11 – the Grand Warden: for air or ground, offense and defense, he is a most worthy addition to your arsenal!
  2. New defense – Eagle Artillery: rain feathery death from above! Caw!
  3. Extra defence buildings at TH11: Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow
  4. New levels for: Laboratory, Wizard Tower, Gold Storage and Elixir storage
  5. New upgrade levels for: Minions and Witch
  6. League bonus awards now depend on destruction percentage: big wins, big bonuses!
  7. Clan donations: request a dark spell, or ask for specific troop types
  8. Longer battles: an additional 30 secs to pillage other players!
  9. Freeze Spell unlocks at TH9, and lasts longer than before at all levels
  10. 20% more space in your village – get all your pretty decorations out now!
  11. Boost time and cost halved for army buildings and Heroes (1h/5 gems)
  12. Rearm your traps for less!
  13. Did we forget anything? Oh yeah… Town Hall level 11 itself!

Prepare yourself for major shield tweaks, you might want to sit down:

  1. 30% destruction gives 12 hours, 60% gives 14h and 90% gives 16 whole hours
  2. Players can attack while shielded. However, doing so will shorten your remaining shield time
  3. Destroying the Town Hall will NOT provide an automatic shield
  4. Attacker must use at least 1/3 of a full army to trigger the defender’s shield
  5. We’ve added the Village Guard – like a mini-shield to protect your village from attacks when you leave the game or have just defended without gaining a shield – or you can buy it for gems

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