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Travelling to Sydney or oversea? Moovit app will help you plan your transit better.

I have been using the app TripView (AUD$3.79) to lookup the timetable for the buses, trains and ferries in Sydney. And now there is Moovit. And best of all it is free. It’s quite handy if you want to go from point A to point B in Sydney. Some of the features from Moovit are:

OmniSearch: Discover the best routes to anywhere in your city. Search for a place, address or station to compare transit options and see detailed directions all the way there (combining any and all local transit types including bus, light rail, ferry, train, metro, subway, tram, rail and streetcar)

Near me: See what’s nearby and explore your surroundings on the map. Find the closest stops and check next arrival times, so you’re never stuck waiting at the station. Get directions to your destination via the best and shortest route.

Favourites: Add your home, work and other favourite places for instant trip planning. See next arrival times for your favourite lines, and even check your trip history for easy repeat travels.

En Route: A simple click will allow you control your journey, even if your plans or destination change. Just tap Start to see your updated ETA and be notified as you go

Live reports: Improve everyone’s ride by reporting useful information about station crowdedness, cleanliness, live events, even incidents. Receive notifications from your local operator, when available. Planning your transit is easier when you know what to expect.

Comprehensive transit maps: See an overview of your local transit maps (PDF viewer required)

The app interface is quite easy to navigate. Type into the search bar and select search. Then you will be given several options with the best time/routes.

Moovit SearchMoovit routes Moovit Map

Moovit currently also covers a lot of cities around the world.

Moovit Cities

So with this app you can now be your own tour guide at the selected cities above. Spend as long as you want in a Museum or in the shopping center and you will  still be able to get back home using Moovit App 😉 No more relying on your bus tour. This will make your holiday more fun, convenient and stress free!

Download Moovit app for Android, iOS, and yes they have a Windows phone version too!

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