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Undo Send for Gmail on the web

Google has finally made available an Undo Send feature to be used on Gmail. Well this feature has been available in Gmail for a long time but users had to install it through Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for prime time. Please note that features in Gmail Labs may change, break or even be removed at any time.  Well since this feature is here to stay, go ahead and enable this cool feature if you haven’t done so. It is a must feature if you use Gmail as it has saved me countless of times when I shouldn’t have clicked on the Send button 🙂 Here are the steps to turn on Undo Send feature.

To enable the Undo Send feature, you need to log in to your Gmail, look for the Settings icon and click it.

Google Undo Send

Now look for the Undo Send option -> Check the radio button and set the cancellation time. 20 seconds should be enough time to decide whether the email needs to be cancelled or not.


If you have been using the Gmail Lab version of Undo Send, this feature will be automatically enabled. The Undo Send option will appear below the search bar once you click on send email button.


Happy and safe emailing!

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