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Worms3 – App of the week

This week’s  App Store Free App of the Week is Worms3 for iPhone and iPad. Usually it costs USD$5 and you can now get it for free.

If you have been around for a long time (like me) then you would have played Worms 1 and 2 on PC. This is an artillery turn-based strategy game.

The game has had some great reviews from other games and apps reviewers.

90% – “Gold Award” – “Worms 3 is, quite frankly, one of the most accomplished multiplayer experiences on mobiles”, Games Master

8/10 – “Silver Award” – “An entertaining single-player mode and some excellent multiplayer modes make Worms 3 a decent addition to the long-running series”, Pocket Gamer

4/5 – “everything you could really ever want in a mobile Worms release”, Gamezebo

4/5 – “A fun twist on the established Worms gameplay, but familiar enough to keep long-time fans happy”, Modojo

4/5 – “The classic gameplay still rocks”, 148Apps

4/5 – “the complete Worms experience on the go”, Digital Spy

It’s free for the week, download it and give it a go 🙂

Download Worms3 on iOS App Store.

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